5 Simple Steps to improve your everyday life

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  1. Yoga Breathing!

Yoga Breathing or Pranayama, is the foundation of your yoga practice. It begins with deepening your breathing with the 3-part breath, then moves into more advanced breathing exercises such as Kapalabhati and the Alternate Nostril Breath. Pranayama also goes hand in hand with the Asanas.

  1. Add a shot for breakfast! No, not of vodka…

I mean, if you’re sick, I’ve actually heard that a shot of vodka helps for that and hangovers, but anyways!

Get a glass, fill it with 4oz of water, a tablespoon of vinegar, a pinch of turmeric powder, pinch of pepper and Himalayan pink salt, a pinch of cayenne pepper mix together and bottoms up!

So what are the benefits of this shot:

Helps with brain fog/fatigue and with your metabolism. Turmeric is amazing for many things, but especially your joints.

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vape pen
  1. Read!

Go grab your favorite book, cuddle up, grab yourself a nice warm cup of tea or hot chocolate and decompress.

Reading can often take you away from your own reality for a bit and give you a break and/or cause you to look at your situation with a whole new perspective. Maybe find a book that is relatable to something that you are currently going through, sometimes it helps to know that you’re not alone. Reading is not only relaxing, but you’re also being mentally stimulated and improving your memory!

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  1. Vaporize!


Struggle with sleep? More and more people are understanding the benefits of marijuana consumption. Traditional smoking raises another health concern, however vaporizing is eliminating 90% of smoke and the risk of inhaling other harmful toxins. It is confirmed that vaporizing is the purest method of smoking marijuana that there is.

Airvape offers one of the best portable vaporizers on the market.

The Airvape Xs is a discreet, little vape that heats up quick within 20 seconds and choose the exact desired temperature. This smoking device heats up the dry herb at a degree before combustion (burning), which eliminates the harmful effects associated with traditional smoking.

Get ready to go into a nice, deep sleep and have some wicked cool dreams.

  1. Daith (ear) piercing!

Suffer from chronic migraines and/or tension headaches?  Get your Daith pierced!

I know, it sounds weird, but this particular spot is a pressure point that acupuncturist use by puncturing with a tiny needle to relieve migraines/headaches. So, why not relieve that indefinitely by keeping a ring there?

I can tell you from personal experience, it works. I haven’t head a single headache since my Daith was pierced and I’ve suffered from tension headaches for as long as I could remember.

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online vapor store
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