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Minneapolis Energy Clearing Workshop

Gary brought his brand new Energy Clearing Workshop to a sold out audience in Minneapolis, MN. on February 16th which was his first workshop of 2014. If you missed it, Fear not! Gary will be back on May 3rd, 2014 for another Energy Clearing Workshop. Tickets are on sale now - CLICK HERE!
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Gary Brings It Home for his 2013 Star Retreat

Gary held his 2013 Spiritual Retreat in his own backyard! Literally! Gary opened up his doors at his home in Star, North Carolina to the intimate group of retreat goers in pure Spivey fashion with beautiful gardens, live entertainment and more food than a person could ever eat! Read more below! For more info call: 1(800) 827-4279
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Would You Like a Reading with Gary Spivey?

Call 1(800) 827-4279

Gary has some available spots for 1 hour or 30 minute sessions in the next week! Call Now to reserve an appointment for a private reading from Gary Spivey! 1(800) 827-4279
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To schedule a private reading with Gary Spivey call: 1(800) 827-4279

Your Keys To Heaven

Gary's Book Your Keys To Heaven is...

Enlightenment Series CD's

Spiritual Gifts, Depression is in Your Head, The Gift of One

Enlightenment Club

Gary Spivey's Online Club has hours and hours of content to watch and listen to on your computer.


Gary Spivey's Podcast Tapping In with Gary Spivey contains highlights of the week and Gary's Wisdom of the Week.

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